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Tuesday, April 16

I just found out that I have plenty of assignments to complete soon. I don't like assignments. I was quite happy just bumming around, going to some classes and well, bumming around some more. I had quite forgotten that I was actually at uni which, on retrospect, is a really stupid presumption because I do go to classes after all so I really should remember that the semester had started. You can just tell that I'm having a fabulous start to the year.

The memory of staying up all night crapping on about data mining and customer relationship management has just cropped up in my mind. *shudders* (As you can obviously tell, I'm paying Monash Uni shitloads of $$ to get my masters in Information Management and Systems) Following that taking the train, blurry eyed coupled with the fear of falling asleep and missing my stop, all the way to Caulfield to hand the bloody thing in. Of course now I have a car so I don't have to be afraid of falling asleep on the train. Yes, now my fear of falling asleep on the way to uni has increased a hundred fold. It will be a bad, bad, bad thing if I did.

Ok time to eat.

:: AlCee 4/16/2002 03:00:00 AM [+] ::