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Monday, April 1

It's the ultimate in fear when your legs don't work. When they don't do what you want them to do. That's not normal. Usually when you tell them something, they'd do it without much argument. That wasn't the case yesterday and I almost had 3 accidents whilst driving. I worry now. Is there really something wrong with me? Or was it just one of those days...

I saw a scene from Queen of the Damned being shot and didn't even know it. A scene was shot in front of Storey Hall, RMIT Swanston St, Melbourne, Australia and I WAS THERE! Hahaha... I seriously had no idea it was Queen of the Damned. I thought it was a minor production called the Vampire LeStat. Duh... So there I was standing in the middle of all these goth extras looking at the limo drive back and forth, back and forth. What a flashback I had when I watched it last night.

I like vampires. I've always liked them. I think they're eerily interesting. In fact I wouldn't mind being one. I especially like the 'living forever' bit. Yes, I am afraid of death... very afraid. And flying around sure scores big with me. And they look good too. Pale luminiscent glowing skin with sunken cheeks appeal to me for some reason.

:: AlCee 4/01/2002 05:29:00 PM [+] ::