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Saturday, April 13

Would you believe, I'm blogging from a snooker centre. Yesiree, a snooker centre. Still suffering from a crappy headache so leaving the snooker playing to the guys. I sure hope I'm not getting immune to Panadol. Apparently one can't get immuned to it. It'd be really shitty if I were.

Watched Van Wilder - The Party Liason just now. Nothing all that impressive. Twas entertaining but there was this one scene that absolutely made me squirm in my seat (not all out of disgust. i was tickled to the bone by it). That one particularly scene made this movie worth mentioning.

Hmm.. I just remembered that caught up between being sick and the template link not working, I totally forgot to review Puppetry of the Penis. But then again I thought, what can I possibly say about the ancient art of genital origami. They stood up there and performed feats which, I'm sure, made most guys wince just a little and may have caused some guys to end up in the hospital the very next morning.

What can I say. Guys will be guys. It was entertaining.

:: AlCee 4/13/2002 10:22:00 PM [+] ::