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Thursday, May 30

For those of you who like chill-out music, you might find the music of DJ David Visan from the Buddha Bar to your liking. There's links where you can stream the audio right to your computer so that you can listen to both the CDs from his Chill Out in Paris 2 album.

It's quite oriental - seeing that it is music played in a hang-out called the Buddha Bar - but relaxing nontheless. To some it might be a little too weird to listen to but I found that it really helped me concentrate on doing my assignments. Probably coz with all the funny instruments and chanting, it makes me feel like I'm in some temple of sorts and I really should be doing something good in a place like that. I don't think procrastination is very much accepted in holy places like that and God is one person I definitely don't want to piss off.

I realise that it's easier to concentrate on doing work when you're listening to music that does not include lyrics. I figure it's because you can't sing along with it (it's hard to concentrate on writing essays when you're singing).

:: AlCee 5/30/2002 02:58:00 AM [+] ::