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Sunday, May 12

I am bored. Really really bored. It's been 2 1/2 hours since I woke up. And nothing much has happened in my life within that space of time. I can list out here what has occured since my eyes opened this morning :

1. rolled around in bed for 15 minutes
2. turned on computer
3. logged onto internet
4. went to the bathroom
5. updated blog
6. ate chocolate muffin type snack
7. called friend who's still sleeping
8. another friend called me wondering if i'm still sleeping
9. agreed to go out after i vegetate some more

There you have it. My list didn't even make it to 10. Oh wait, it does make it to 10 :

10. called boyfriend who is still sleeping (in Singapore)

*sigh* The weather may be nice outside but already I forsee this being a really crappy day. It's weird. Just last night I was telling a friend that I've been feeling abnormally anti-social of late. And that all I want to do is to go home, curl up in bed and click away on my computer. Today, however, curling up in bed clicking on my computer does not do it for me at all. I wanna go out and hang with friends.

Welcome to the emotional rollercoster that is my life. Enjoy the ride. Then at least one of us will be enjoying it.

:: AlCee 5/12/2002 12:08:00 PM [+] ::