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Friday, June 28

My boyfriend just sneezed in my face. I AM VERY PISSED OFF.

I realise I haven't been blogging for a while. I don't imagine I will be till sometime late next week. I'll be back home in Penang really soon. Yay to good food! But right now, I'm living the life of a Singaporean. Bit of getting used to. It totally confirms my believe that Penang has the greatest food ever.

Either that or my boyfriend does not know where good food is since it's easier to count the types of food that he does eat rather than the other way around. My boyfriend doesn't eat a lot of things. Here's a list of things he'll order:-

1. Garlic Pork with no garlic
2. Won ton noodles with no won ton
3. Pizza minus tomato paste (and then he'll pile on the parmesan cheese)
4. Any burger from any fast food chain... plain.

Enough said, hey?

:: AlCee 6/28/2002 05:25:00 PM [+] ::